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Three steps towards tracking what matters


Order your Forth health check

  • Order your chosen package online.
  • When your kit arrives, follow the instructions on activating your kit.
  • Most of our biomarker tests only need a small sample of blood which can be taken at home using a finger-prick kit which we’ll post direct to you.
  • Post your sample back to us using the freepost envelope in your kit. Once received by our accredited lab, your results will be reviewed by one of our team of registered healthcare professionals before becoming available on your dashboard.


Gain a deep understanding of your body

  • Your Forth dashboard displays all your biomarker results in an easy-to-understand visual format.
  • You’ll get tips from our team of health experts on how to improve any out of range results, together with simple information on each biomarker, how it influences your health and a clear understanding of where you fall on the range.
  • The dashboard also lets you track your biomarker results over time. You can see how your numbers are changing between each health check, building a picture of your own unique biometric profile and discovering what works best for you.


Improve your numbers, improve your health

  • By tracking your biomarkers over time you can learn what changes in your lifestyle are helping to improve your health.
  • On the dashboard you’ll find hints & tips on the types of foods which will help to optimise each of your biomarkers.
  • Your blood cells regenerate every 120 days so by re-testing, it’s easy to see if your actions are helping you to reach optimal health.

Note: Forth’s service is intended to enable people to improve wellbeing and optimise sports performance. It is not intended for clinical diagnosis. Test results are for information purposes only. If you do have concerns about your health, please discuss these directly with your GP.